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Copitrak is the Industry's #1 Cost Recovery Solution.


The #1 cost recovery and document scanning workflow platform. It boosts productivity, tightens security, lowers costs, reduces waste and recovers expenses of printing, copying, scanning and more. Its modular architecture and broad feature-set boasts the lowest cost of ownership and fosters green workplace and IT initiatives.

Copitrak System Software

Managing costs and expenses in an enterprise office environment is no small feat – for you or the systems you choose to rely on. That’s why Copitrak System Software (CSS) – the core component of the Copitrak suite of solutions – is built for reliability. CSS provides complete functionality, from user and account validation to transaction collection and costing to reporting and exporting.

Copitrak System Software

Key Advantages

  • Delivers enterprise-wide cost recovery and expense management

  • Provides centralized management of your entire Copitrak system

  • Offers automated integration with systems such as Elite, CMS, and Deltek

  • Built on proven industry-standard technology, including SQL and Crystal Reports

  • Represents three plus generations of innovation, development, and reliability

Copitrak Eclipse Terminal
Copitrak Eclipse Terminal

With the Eclipse Terminal, all the key features of the Copitrak system are just a touch away. It offers unprecedented ease of use with its large touch-screen display, built-in numeric keyboard, and Smartbar intuitive interface. Fast, accurate, and convenient, the Eclipse Terminal can communicate with your central Copitrak server from virtually anywhere and is compatible with all fax devices.

Key Advantages

  • Quick, convenient user access with intuitive Smartbar interface

  • Convenient access to SuperSearch, Job Recall, Favorites, and other features

  • Large 9.5” touch screen and small footprint with multiple mounting options

The Eclipse Terminal communicates with your central Copitrak server and provides quick, convenient user access and control.

Copitrak Print

Copitrak Print is the industry’s most advanced print tracking software. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems across your enterprise—yielding the highest print recovery rates without impacting productivity.

Recover and analyze costs with the industry’s most advanced print tracking software. Copitrak Print automatically tracks output from printers, plotters, and digital copiers and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, ensuring accurate print tracking for client charge-back and reporting. With one-click billing and the intuitive Smartbar interface, Copitrak Print yields the highest print recovery rates without adversely impacting productivity.

Copitrak Print

Key Advantages

  • Monitors 100% of all printer activity in your environment

  • Built-in intelligence for one-click billing and automated account selection

  • Easiest access to features including job recall, favorites, and search

  • IT-friendly automatic push install with zero impact on printing environment

  • Automatically detects billable/nonbillable jobs

Copitrak Print lets you track and route printer, plotter and copier activity.

Copitrak Scan

Available with Eclipse Terminal or as a stand-alone solution, Copitrak Scan enables you to route, track and scan jobs through a single workflow—sending images to Copitrak System Software for accurate billing and reporting.

Available as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with the Eclipse Terminal, Copitrak Scan enables users to route, track, and scan jobs through one convenient workflow. It lets users execute the job at the multifunction device and delivers the scanned document via the user’s selected route. Most importantly, Copitrak Scan ensures every scanned image is accurately counted and sent to the Copitrak System Software for billing and reporting. It’s convenient, easy to use, and precise for today’s cost-conscious office.

Copitrak Scan

Key Advantages

  • Fully automated scan routing with multiple workflow options

  • Platform independent with a simple user interface regardless of the device

  • Convenient scan to document management including Microsoft SharePoint

  • Automatically routes to user’s inbox, desktop, or personal folder

  • Zero management of templates and user directories required

Fast, easy, and precise. Copitrak Scan enables users to route, track, and scan jobs through one convenient workflow.

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