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Equitrac Professional is the industry's most popular cost recovery solution.

When it comes to control, convenience and choice, there is no equal. Equitrac intelligent print management software makes printing work how you want it to: Simply, securely and with maximum savings at every step. One click for any print job and any printer. No worries about print servers, compatible print drivers or whether the printer is ready. Complete accountability to better control costs and security. All to reduce the burden on IT—and corporate budgets. And all of which makes Equitrac the world’s most popular print management software for small and large organizations.

Control. Productivity. Profits.

The winning combination for your cost recovery strategy.


Driving value with forward thinking cost recovery

Equitrac Professional goes beyond traditional cost recovery. Whether a you work in a single office or an international firm with offices around the globe, your support staff and lawyers need to capture client related costs from all devices and work product—including mobile phones, MFPs, emails, and electronic filings. Equitrac Professional seamlessly supports the widest array of productivity devices and supports a more mobile, highly engaged workplace.


Flexible deployment to maximize IT returns

Your firm is always adapting and looking for ways that technology partners can improve your bottom line. Since Equitrac Professional works with all major device manufacturers, it gives you the flexibility to deploy a cost recovery strategy that best fits your IT infrastructure, resources and budget. Whether you choose the Equitrac TouchPoint Console or Equitrac’s embedded solutions, your firm can capture all the copy, print, and scan client service activities in the firm.


Information that drives profitability

Using Equitrac Professional, your cost recovery strategy will be based on the most up-to-date, accurate, comprehensive and complete information. Through the creation of Equitrac Professional reports, your firm will have extensive details on the client activities associated with each matter—from page counts, page size, black & white versus color to courier expenses and the time spent on research. With this information, your firm is in complete control of which activities are billable or included in your AFAs.


Empowering productivity through intelligent technology With Equitrac Professional, increasing staff productivity comes from technology that automates and integrates into your firms’ processes. Using Equitrac Professional secure print, personalized roaming user profiles— with often used client matter codes available on any device in the network—provides fast, accurate client services tracking.


Accurate: Automates chargeback to specific client/matter with integration to all the major time and billing systems.

Integrated: Works with existing printers, MFPs copiers, scanners and fax machines.

Complete: Imports all disbursements with easy exception handling and approval capabilities.

Efficient: Preview, process and route documents into a secure print or Kofax image capture workflow.

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