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Copitrak Knowledge Base

The layout of this page is bad and I feel bad for making it like this. I will improve the layout in the future, but for now, just ctrl+f for a keyword.

KB0001 - Unable to print with Copitrak print client running. 

Accurate as of 7/20/2020

This issue is most likely not an issue with the Copitrak print client. Run Shutdownltpro.exe on the workstation to identify whether or not it's the print client that has the issue. 

If printing still doesn't work with the print client disabled, it's likely that the workstation has a particular Windows Update installed that broke network printing. 

The fix for this is to download and install the hotfix update that Microsoft released located here:

KB0002 - Error regarding missing DLL when print client is enabled. 

Accurate as of 7/20/2020

Verify that the IT didn't screw up and added the CopitrakDesktop10.exe to the user's startup group instead of the CopitrakDesktop.bat file. Running CopitrakDesktop10.exe from the startup folder will cause the print client to look in the start up folder for the dll's instead of the C:\CopitrakDesktop folder. 

I know. I couldn't believe that their IT messed up that badly when I saw it. 

KB0003 - Can't scan to folder in a workgroup environment.  

Accurate as of 7/20/2020

Workgroups are the biggest pain in the neck. Permissions? What permissions? 

The Copitrak services that are running on the Copitrak server need to have read/write permissions to the users scan folders. In a workgroup, the scan folders are on the users PC themselves instead of on a file server or something, meaning that each workstation has to have an account that matches the account running the Copitrak services exactly. That local account then needs to have read/write permissions to the scan folder that belongs to the other users on that computer. 

Thankfully, workgroups don't care about the "domain" prefix before a username. COPITRAKSVR\Copitrak is the exact same account as RECEPTIONISTPC\Copitrak. Simply make an account on the users workstation with the same username as whatever account is running the Copitrak services on the Copitrak server. Grant that local account permissions to the users scan folder and boom. Bob's your auntie. 

KB0004 - Nitro PDF crashing when printing specific scanned documents.   

Accurate as of 7/30/2020

This issue was identified as a limitation of the earlier versions of Nitro PDF. Upgrading the version of Nitro PDF resolved the issue. 


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